Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Homeschool Science Fair

Dorito won the Junior High division!! He worked so hard on his "Airfoils" project by making six different weights and sizes. Then he timed their take-offs with a house fan to compare. He also had pictures of the wings and propellers at Dad's airport to illustrate how lift is created with real airplanes. It was fun to see him consult with Captain, and he plans to be an aeronautical engineer when he grows up.
Meggar had a pretty project--she used the smoke from burning sulfur to bleach a red rose and it turned completely white. The Chemistry book said that hydrogen peroxide would bring it back to red, but that part didn't work out for her. She won 3rd place in the high school division.
Polar Bear illustrated the Bernoulli Principle using a blow dryer to suspend a ping pong ball and a beach ball.
Winger made an Electric Game--if you could match the NHL player with his team then the light bulb would come on! He had fun doing the wiring and decorating the board with hockey cards and photos of his favorite players.

This was my 10th year for organizing the Homeschool Science Fair! We have between 40-50 students every year, and I gather enough prizes so they all win something!

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