Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Party for Twins at 14

Polar Bear and Winger invited their Boy Scout patrol over for a video/slumber party. Six boys joined them last night in the rearranged basement--set up with two gaming stations for Guitar Heroes and the PS3 plus Bubble Hockey and Air Hockey. The gaming room only held their attention for about an hour, then played hacky-sack and air soft guns outdoors for 3 hours because of the great weather. Finally, they settled in for a movie while I cleaned up the food: They ate 5 pizzas, 2 cartons of ice cream with the cake, 2 pounds of Twizzlers, a whole package of Oreos, a bag of Jelly Bellies, and 4 liters of pop. (Sorry it was nothing but junk food.) Tomorrow, we are feeding everyone a hearty breakfast and driving them to Smithville Lake for a campout.
Here's a picture of the candles, which David blew out before Ben had a chance!

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Lesa said...

It's a happy day for the twins, and even more special for Mom and Dad. What a blessing to celebrate the end chapter of one year and begin writing the beginning of another.