Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Club Adores Jeeves

Monthly book club was a lively affair yesterday as we ate British foods and discussed the comedy of P.G. Wodehouse. I took an amaretto liqueur cake with strawberries and whipped cream, such as Bertie Wooster might eat with his posh friends at the club or race track. Cynthia brought shepherd's pie, Brenda brought cucumber sandwiches, Constance brought quiche, Vee brought Melba toast with smoked Gouda cheese... everything was delightful! We are so fortunate that the library rents us the room for free and allows us to brew tea and share supper during our discussions. Many references were made to history, past books we've read like the butler in "Remains of the Day," WWI leaders, "Downton Abbey," authors like A.A. Milne, and our own comedic parallels in life.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I envy you, I have not been able to have a consistent book group here... and we looooove Jeeves!

Mostly-Megan said...

What a success! I'm especially sad to miss ones like this. I have my Enchanted April book here and plan to have finished it by the time I arrive home for Easter Break. Please inform Constance of our movie night so she can also attend!