Monday, March 5, 2012

Rankings & Statistics

The national rankings came out for February, which is really the end of the hockey season. The twins are pumped that their team moved up to #17 among all 1998-born players. There are 116 teams in their division. This is a great finish from where they started--and it's the highest that Coach Quintin has taken any team so far. I told the boys they personally are really in the top 5 players of their own team and among the top of any of those Tier 1 Elite AAA teams--making them in the top 200 players in the country at age 13. If other people think I have bragged before, it's not true. Captain and I have held back our admiration thinking it was only a personal bias. But we are starting to let ourselves believe they really have what it takes to play U16 and U18 in high school hockey!!
This season, they lost to the #2 team and #8 team and #12 team, but they beat the #15 team twice. They were evenly split with the #20 and #32 team with one win and one loss. Throughout the season at different tournaments, they beat the #38, #51, #55, #56, #58 and #90 teams. So they played good competition.
Their Russell Stover team scored 246 goals this year: Polar Bear had 30 goals and 17 assists, Winger had 22 goals and 23 assists. Two other players scored more goals than them--but one is on their line so he has the same amount of ice time and is more selfish about staying in scoring position and lazier about battling for the puck. The second leading scorer is on a different line so he has more opportunities to score. The top four scorers made up 60% of the goals for the team. Best of all was the compliments from the coach on the final weekend, a private conversation between Polar Bear and JF in Green Bay, and a refund check from the team treasurer for $500. What a fun season!

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