Sunday, March 4, 2012

Men's League for Hockey

Dorito landed a place on a men's league team--he is so excited to play hockey again. The rules do not allow checking in men's league, so there's not the risk of repeating his concussion. Plus he's in the "A Division" which are the better/faster players. One of the college boys who referees hockey invited Dorito since his team was short one player. They will take turns driving to Line Creek Rink in north Kansas City on Sunday evenings. This is an excellent opportunity andn gives Dorito a chance to stay in shape, use his new skates (size 11), and make older friends. I have noticed that my homeschoolers get weary by 11th and 12th grade and start to yearn for more mature social connections and activities.
Dorito has also been invited to advance to a junior level as a referee. Mike Kempis sent him the application for summer camp! He said it is one thing to know the rules of hockey, but it is another to be able to keep up with a AAA game and apply those rules. We believe Reid has a quick eye from watching years of the twins' teams play.
I am praying my thanks to God for these blessings for my son.

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