Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recollections at the Piano

Things have been intense for me lately. I know that I am depressed because the doctor decreased my thyroid medicine, but it's hard to tell yourself not to cry when your whole heart feels like it is falling into a pit of despair. Three months of decline will likely need 2-3 months to build back up the hormone levels to something like "normal."
So in the meantime, I have resigned from a couple of large volunteer projects. And I play the piano every couple of days. The "Jane Austen Songbook" is my go-to repertoire. It's mostly a melancholy mixture from the hit movies, but playing them keeps my mind sharp as the songs range from 3 flats to 2 sharps and back to C Major. It's almost a sight-reading exercise as I've never polished these pieces. But I can play them all. I'm proud of that! Reminds me of girl-hood and soothing myself at the keyboard for hours and hours. I still want to play each measure perfectly, but unlike then -- I am more willing to accept wrong notes and even begin to improvise a little to cover them up.

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