Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Weekend Away

We left early on Thursday morning for a secret destination, but now that we are back I can spill the beans about attending the TPH Hockey tryouts in Atlanta, Georgia. Our first stop was not a surprise: lunch in St. Louis with Meggar and Spencer. We enjoyed sandwiches at a very authentic "Mom's Deli" and sat at the outdoor picnic tables. Then Captain and our three sons were off on their "man-cation." First, they played golf at Gateway National Golf Links (it was "really beautiful" according to Winger and you can see the Arch in the background).
Dorito had the low score of the four-some!
Next day, they golfed in Atlanta at the Bobby Jones Golf Course. Again, Dorito won the low score of the group! He was so-ooooooo happy about it, too (until he got home and realized he left his 8-iron on some putting green ... it was not turned into lost-and-found as of Monday).
Hockey tryouts went really, although the twins played on separate squads for the four scrimmages. They had some fun confusing their teammates about which twin was which. Plus Polar Bear found someone to chirp with! Winger met a boy whose Dad is an official for the NHL games (wow!) and Dorito shuttled them back and forth to restaurants during breaks so Captain could keep an eye on ALL the games/competition. In the end, they were picked! And TPH was their top choice, so it's a true cause for celebration. We had back-up plans for Phoenix or Milwaukee or Denver or nothing.... We talked the whole way home--13 hours!

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