Sunday, May 5, 2013

Friends and Family

Many friends and relatives joined us this weekend to celebrate with Dorito. How special that all four grandparents could come to his recital or the open house! And many cousins! It is a wonderful feeling to share your happiness with those who are closest to you. Despite the windy/rainy weather, we had plenty of good food and fun conversations.
Here's the violin cake we served (Winger was my proud baking assistant).
Dorito received two memorable engineering gifts -- a dial caliper from a Ford Motor engineer and an antique drafting set from his Leonard grandparents. Treasures for many years!
There was also a pair of purple headphones, purple bath towels, and a purple KSU portfolio to help him enjoy the next few years!
Dorito made the rounds by talking to everyone all afternoon. It felt nice to see him laugh over lunch with several friends from Scouting (the most important times from high school). And he has become better friends with some of the homeschool seniors whom he hardly knew before this year. The "in crowd" might have left him out, but he rather enjoyed some of the others (who were also left out), and he was truly blessed by those friendships!
The programs from last night's violin recital were on the display table all day. And people wrote well wishes in the matching booklet. Like Mr Brown said (he was our emcee at the recital) music is a special gift of the heart. I've been truly lucky this weekend (after 16 years of homeschooling) to see the contented look on the faces of my children (who played beautifully together).

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