Friday, May 3, 2013

Senior Violin Recital

What a lovely concert! (with a K-State bow tie) Dorito performed five songs from Suzuki Books 4-7, showing his span of music lessons in his high school years. Not many teens continue with music through high school, so we were especially proud of his efforts. Everyone enjoyed the four violin concertos plus the "Ave Maria." (That latter piece was a tear jerker.)
Then for the grand finale, he performed with his teacher (Nick Jarrett) and his twin brothers with a Vivaldi "Concerto for Four Violins." All three movements! Magnificent!!
Meggar was the accompanist for all the songs! She rushed home from college and did an amazing job. Dorito had very little rehearsal time with his sister, but she made every piece flow smoothly.
The setting was an historic 1880s church downtown, and the staff at First Christian were so accomodating and helpful to us. We hosted nearly 70 people for the reception afterwards. Catering done by Lesa's Company. I mean that Lesa and her family were company at my house and I put them to work prepping the food! We hired the cupcakes from a homeschool girl in five flavors: red velvet, lemon, coconut, key lime, and purple chocolate swirl for the future K-State student.

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