Thursday, May 2, 2013

Awards Night at Vo-Tech

We were so proud of Dorito's recognition at the Hillyard Vocational-Technical School award ceremony. First he was honored for volunteering as an Ambassador (medal and shirt) during both years. Then he received a "Passport" award for high GPA and attendance. Next, he was named the Outstanding Student of the Year for the Electronics /Robotics course!! We were surprised that his teacher singled him out for this plaque from amongst 20 students in the morning and afternoon sessions.  The criterion were skills, attitude, and leadership. (He is happy that his picture will hang in the front trophy case all next year.)
Last of all, Dorito was awarded the "Ride for Ryan" Consolver Scholarship of $1,000. This was the second largest award he was eligible to apply for and a huge honor!

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Sarah said...

Outstanding!! Congratluations!!!!!