Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cause It's the Cup!

The Stanley Cup play-offs began last week for the National Hockey League. Good thing the games are in the evenings or we wouldn't be able to get any school work done. Their "Blues" shirts are put on for each game as our three boys crowd into Buffalo Wild Wings. (That's the only place with the premium channel since our Game Center subscription expired after regular season.) The amount of Twitter messages coming from their three cell phones has increased 400% -- yet they are seated next to each other at the table?! It is thrilling to see them eat, sleep, and dream about hockey.
Last week, we had traveled to Kirksville to hear Meggar's junior piano recital. First thing after the concert, they were peppering Spencer with questions about the Blues goalie, the shoot-out, and the post-season trading of players! *Sheesh* Don't they know that music is the priority?!?
Two days ago, I found out the Schmids were the last ones to leave BWW at closing time--near midnight--and were 3 of only 5 customers watching NHL! (We don't exactly live in hockey country.) Captain tells me it it is alright to bend the rules a little bit--cause it's #TheCup!
Tonight, the Blues were knocked out of the bracket by the L.A. Kings (last year's champions). The Detroit Redwings are still in play. The Sedin twins are also hoping their Vancouver team has a chance.

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