Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back Home

We officially moved home today.
It will be nice to sleep in our regular, familiar beds.
After six months of hockey season, I am mostly proud of the twins for sharing a bathroom with their Mom. And keeping their compsosure. They were forced into new church, new youth group, new set of teammates, and they quickly assumed leadership roles that were positive on the ice, in the locker room, and during off-ice training.
I will be happy to see my dishwasher, though I didn't mind hand-washing all this time. And my own laundry room. We actually were not "gone" all six months. We rented at the Holman's house for the six-month-season, but we actually only stayed there for 65 days total because of the traveling to tournaments. We also made many trips back home (about once a month) and reconnected with our friends here each time. The last four weeks were rough emotionally given the news from Captain's cardiologist. But it was also tricky because we were forced to move to a new rental. The Evans' family hosted us many Thursday nights before out-of-town games and gave us shelter when our landlord cancelled the rental agreement one month early. We also offer our thankful prayers to the Morel family, who hosted us in their cottage the first two weeks in August and the final two weeks in February. God used many caring and compassionate and decent people to bless us during our uncertain times!

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