Monday, February 3, 2014

Southern Hospitality

What do you do when long-lost cousins come to town? Invite them over for the Super Bowl, I guess. Captain has a Nebraska cousin who recently relocated to Atlanta, and he and his wife unexpectedly turned up at the hockey games. What a pleasant surprise! Rob must have gotten a nudge from Aunt Wilma because he found the Thunder website and the game schedule. He lives 5 minutes from the rink. Althought the twin's team lost the Sunday Championship in a shoot-out, Rob and Kari were able to see Polar Bear and Winger succeed at the 1v1 attempt on the goalie. Afterward, they knew how to celebrate (aka feed hungry teenage boys). We are not big fans of professional football, but Dorito pointed out that the Seahawks owner is a Phi Kap alumna. Overall, it was nice for my boys get "extra special treatment" at the Koch and Kirschner homes. And Captain was happy to be closer to the interstate this morning, especially with the Atlanta traffic.

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