Friday, February 14, 2014

Something for Me on Valentine's Day

I found a young hairdresser from Moscow who knows her stuff! While it may not seem that romantic for Valentine's Day, a good haircut is a treat I can give to myself. And overall, taking care of yourself is a habit that women should practice. Experts say that your heart health is improved by a weekly social visit with a loved one. So this week, I'm counting my trip to the beauty shop.
The twins are playing hockey in Minnesota--which they LOVE so that's apropo for Valentine's Day.
I sent Downton Abbey tea to Meggar's dorm mail slot. And we surprised Dorito with a cheesecake delivered to his door in Manhattan. (With a little help from housemom Dianna.)
I adored the Catholic Valentine poem on the blog of Benedictine College: anyone can sign up to receive email updates from the Gregorian Institute!

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