Sunday, February 2, 2014

Around the Next Bend

I would be remiss to not mention an upcoming interview for Captain at Flight Safety International. He knew about some openings since he was there last month, so he applied right after hearing the news about his heart condition. Next Tuesday he will meet with an interview panel in Wilmington, DE. As part of the process, he has to teach a 10-minute class on any topic of his choosing. Captain spent most of the week condensing his notes on the Fuel Systems of the Gulfstream Astra (good distraction). I helped him design a hand-out with little airplanes for the bullet points. He created a Power Point and put it on the jump drive he had. Plus Office Depot helped him bind copies of Chapter 5 so his "class" can review the diagrams et. al. I must admit it was fun teaching Captain how to teach.
This weekend he is in Atlanta with the Thunder boys for a few games. I know they prefer a Father-and-Son format for hockey, so I stayed in Nashville to do ACT tutoring.

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