Saturday, February 8, 2014

Master Class with the Master

Meggar organized a field trip for a few of the piano majors at Truman State.  They traveled three hours to Kansas City for a master class with Leon Fleisher. Plus they stayed for the Symphony performance in the new Helzburg Hall. Now in his 80s, Mr. Fleisher has an amazing story abut his two hands: one was paralyzed for nearly 18 years in his late youth, so he performed only using his left hand! Then a miraculous injection saved the use of his right hand and he's been playing with both hands ever since. But the most captivating part for me was how intensely Meggar enjoyed the whole day--she told how it was riveting to watch his adeptness, she laughed with marvel at his commentary between pieces, and mostly she soaked up the richness of his total all-encompassing love of classical piano music! She told me how much it reminded her of Margie--and how often tears came to her eyes. It was nearly midnight when we finished talking on the phone. She still had 45 more minutes drive back to campus. A full day--which was lived fully.

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