Monday, February 10, 2014

Tutor at Your Service

Getting ready for the ACT is best accomplished through practice tests. By giving students various sections from a retired test, I can more easily help them identify troublesome areas. I see 8-10 students every week at Huntington Learning Center, where I help them walk through the workbook: four modules of preparation for Reading, four more for English, and two for the Writing portion. This means I have read so many ACT passages that I nearly have them memorized! I've learned about Mars, dinosaurs, cloning of pigs, Mark Twain's speech to Herbert Hoover, Zen Buddhism, Tejano Music, etc. In addition, I am working as an independent contractor for Tutor Doctor. This service means I drive to the homes of four more students for afternoon/weekend help with their high school assignments and homework, including Algebra II, biology, history, English, and Spanish. Another of my students is is his mid-40s, and I am helping him study for the GED. Everyone is eager to work hard, so I enjoy the seriousness of the work. And I'm blessed by the wide range of colorful personalities who have been added to my weekly routine.

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