Saturday, May 29, 2010

Giverny--Home of Claude Monet

Wife's one request was to visit Giverny, the home and studio of Claude Monet for over 40 years. It is not far from Frechet's house, because they live on the western side of Paris already. It proves to be a short drive by car, and we are overwhelmed by the flower gardens out in front of the house (a dozen long paths). During a tour of the house, I was happiest in his blue kitchen and yellow dining room. These are pictured in my cookbook "Monet's Table," which was obtained from a quaint little French restaurant in Atlanta by Captain for our 11th anniversary. Good memories and good introduction to the Giverny. Next, we went across the street to Monet's Japanese gardens to see the water lilies, which only bloom if the water is kept warm for 30 days continuously. I'm sure gardeners must work hard to keep it visually appealing to tourists year-round. There are actually three Japanese bridges, but the famous one is covered with wisteria (here). And the paintings are everywhere in the studio. Breath-taking. And some even brought tears to my eyes!

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