Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hugs from Meggar

Captain claims that Meggar wouldn't let go for the longest time during their "Hello" hug. *sweet* He met her at Truman for lunch on Friday and reported that she looks/sounds content.  That was the first time he and the twins have seen her since Labor Day!  She said she was ready to get off campus.  Like old times, she joined in the regular hockey-weekend routine in St. Louis:  cold rinks, hot drinks, and famous hockey players. 

Later, Mark and Ben (the seminarians studying at Kenrick) met up with the Schmid's family for dinner, too.  More cold rinks and hot drinks.  Meggar also spent time with Erin's family and got her hair cut.  Captain called me often with reports--such as the Notre Dame v. Holy Cross hockey game was made even better by the fact those players were spotted at the same hotel eating the breakfast buffet next morning.  My twins were in heaven! 
Happy reports all weekend with the all-you-can-eat food in the suite, a Penthouse hotel room thanks to Midcoast Aviation Co., laughs with their college sister, and another AA championship trophy.

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