Saturday, October 16, 2010

State Chess Tournament

Each grade competes on its own at the fall Missouri State Chess Tourna- ment.  So we spent the day in Columbia on the MU campus waiting for each of the five rounds to see who would win, lose, or draw.  Here is Edmund calling Meggar to tell her that he won the first few rounds in the Kindergarten division.  He placed 2nd overall.
The twins were their own worst enemies in the 7th grade division, especially with two other teammates from St. Joseph who were all winning at the end of three rounds!  Polar Bear ended up in 2nd place, behind Ben H. and David won 5th place, just above Cecilia.  As a team, they happily won the 1st place trophy!

Dorito did alright with the competition, and his 10th grade team finished in 2nd place which meant no trophy.  Still it was a fun day on our first (and probably last) visit to MU -- sorry J.L.

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