Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meggar's Here for the Weekend

For her fall break: Meggar had her heart set on a trip to the apple orchard and a tea party.  We did both, plus a little shopping and hockey.  Here's the report:  Thursday was bright and sunny at Schweitzer's Orchard.  She took the 5 Riordan children whom she was babysitting, and I took my little ones--who are now 12!  It's a bit unbelievable that I have been doing this for longer than a dozen years. 

It must have made quite an impression on Meggar since she had this strong memory which she wanted to share with her favorite charges.  Also Polar Bear invited his young violin student, which was very considerate I thought.  We sampled the red and golden delicious apples and talked about Johnny Appleseed along the way.  Then we walked up the hill to the hay maze and pumpkin patch.  Playing hide-and-seek is more fun with tall hay and a 3-year-old who likes counting!

Next day, Meggar was my babysitter and took the boys to hockey.  Dorito helped her keep score for the twin's tournament.

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