Sunday, October 24, 2010

More on Meggar's Fall Break

Several friends stopped by for Meggar's tea party on Friday afternoon.  My boys liked getting an "early out" from school.  We all feasted on chicken salad, curried butternut squash soup, and cookies with tea.  Becca and Timothy joined in the joking about professors who lose papers, and students who can't guess you were homeschooled.  Constance said she was happy to hear Meggar's regular defense of her political views in the cafeteria.
And we looked at college photos on Face book.  Meggar loves her new friends in Alpha Gamma Delta.  They do lots of activities: mixers, study sessions, lip sync for Homecoming, and recently a "sweet grams" philanthropy project.  Here she is posing with  her Bid Day Buddy-- Samantha--who likes to say she is 5'12."
This is her Pledge Mom--April--who is from St. Louis.  She was the Rush Counselor that everyone admired.  She is helping Meggar with her AGD pearls and scrapbook which are due next week before Initiation.

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