Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Apartment Rental Fraud

Do NOT rent lodging from Essential Homes nor Essential Home Management nor Romney Willoughby nor Margie Trotter. Fraud Alert! Text me if you need more details: 816-261-9852.


Wrongguytofwith said...

Hey thanks, this info helped save me and my friends a lot of money... This woman "Margie Trotter" has another website called where she tries to scam people out of their money. She emails first as a guy named Robert, then asks people to send money through a wire gram to Margie Trotter in Fairbanks, California.... This person is a total SCAM!!! Will be reporting her to the FBI and IC3. Have fun in jail, Margie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Fairfield? There is no Fairbanks in CA.
Her latest scam involves offering a horse for sell and asking for a $1000 deposit to hold or ship the horse.

tanika said...

she is a nice lady, please you should stop all this false rumors bout her, she is my friend and have known her for years now,

Candise and Crew said...

She took $180 as my deposit for a rental room after I talked to Robert several times on the phone. But once I arrived in the city, no one would answer my call nor was anyone at the rental house with a key to let us in! I have never received an email or text or phone call to resolve this fraud.
-Candise & Crew