Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vocal Music Class

Meggar has voice lessons and vocal class instead of Choir this semester. Here is one of the songs she is preparing:  I think you will enjoy the poem by Klaus Johann Groth, which was put to music by Brahms.
Your Blue Eyes
Your blue eyes hold so still,
       I look into their depths.
You ask me what I want to see?
      I see myself healthy again.
One blazing pair of eyes burned me;
     the feeling from it still hurts.
Those - yours - are as clear as a lake
    and, like a Sea, so cool. 

Dein blaues Auge
Dein blaues Auge halt so stillen
     Ich blicke bis zum Grund.
Du gragst mich, was ich sehen will?
     Ich sehe mich gesund.

Es brannte mich ein gluhend Paar,
    Noch scmerzt ds Machgefuhl:
Das deine ist wie See so klar
    Und Wie win See so kuhl.

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