Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie is Extravagant

Meggar and I went with Caroline to see "Anna Karenina" at the artsy theatre in Westport this afternoon. WOW--we were amazed how good it was! The theatricals were CLEVER--such staging and interactions were carried out in such a way that was unexpected. The script also stayed very true to the book, which I highly approve of.
There were curious (?) Russian accents as well as the fun of seeing old favorites among the cast. The gowns and hats and furs and jewelry were opulent. The wallpaper and chandeliers and horses and trains filled the entire stage or screen. I have always disliked Keira Knightley, so she was actually a good choice for the "villainess" for this drama.
Best of all, I loved the "Stiva Smile" by MacFadyen.

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