Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Like the radio news programmes do, I would like to offer a variety of all things considered:
1. Ann Romney has a Pinterest account. And among her first 25 pins were two books, including "Anna Karenina," which my book club is currently reading! The Tolstoy classic addresses a bad marriage (Anna), an average marriage (Dolly), and a good marriage (Kitty).
2. Group checking accounts are problematic. The balance belongs to the whole group, so the whole group should have a say in where the money goes. Just because the Suzuki Parents deposited their fund at Missouri Western State University thirteen years ago and haven't added to it in the last two years does not mean we intend to let MWSU have the $1,529 for spending willy-nilly.
3. Red flags are worth noticing. Pay attention to your motherly intuition, too.
4. Volleyball is a fun. Dorito's robotics class is vying for the Hillyard School championship as a fun way to raise money for their Skills USA competition. I really won't feel bad next time we have to "skip" a day of homeschooling for fall yard work.
5. Co-ed volleyball is also fun. Meggar and Spencer have a rec team at Truman and are undefeated after the first two weeks. She also helps with the sorority's A team.
6. Killing an ambassador on Sept. 11 should be considered a terroristic attack against our nation.
7. Handwritten notes mean the most, like Robin said. Dorito received one from Dr. Bosco (on purple paper with purple ink).

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Lesa said...

I agree, in context, content, and completely in all areas mentioned. Especially 2, 3, and 6.