Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fix-It Man

Captain has come up with several solutions lately that should be applauded. We've been having trouble with the deep freezer door staying closed along the top edge. I push harder and wonder if the magnetism in the door strip is wearing out... but when he noticed the freezer slightly unlevel and tipping toward the front, then all we needed was to adjust the leveling pegs on the bottom! It's all "straightened out" and that was a cheap solution!  He also bought a new high-speed router/modem for the DSL and it's amazing how well the wireless works now! Then he repaired a couple of broken hinges on my cabinets. Closed the pool for winter. Cleaned the hot tub. Tried to repair the riding mower (belt still slipping). Touched up paint in the gaming area of the basement (boys?!) where it was nicked and scuffed.

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