Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Elbow Injury

Winger banged his elbow on the ice at the end of practice last night-Ouch! He was doing a 3-on-3 drill and got shoved backwards just enough so that as he fell his elbow pad slid down... and he landed hard on the right elbow! We went to the emergency room in St. Joseph at 10 pm and got out at midnight, but it wasn't broken. Just badly swollen.
The waiting room was quite a reality show--people who were not injured or sick kept showing up. One older man said the nurses all know him by name because he is there so frequently. Didn't seem unwell during our entire one-hour wait. Another teenager with a sprained ankle was there with his mom, brother, girl friend, plus the man from next door (?). Then he called and 5-6 of his buddies started showing up to "visit" him. One had no shirt on. One had no shoes on. Most had tattooes. Two were pestering the check-in-desk attendant for free cans of soda. I guess that is part of the system, at least at Heartland Hospital, and they know how to work the system. This was their hang-out place for an evening. It was probably entertaining on some level...

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