Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hockey Players Doing Well

Winger #12 is an animal on the ice--going his hardest to get to the puck first, leaning in to win face-offs, and making good playmaker passes.
Polar Bear #9 is dishing out his snarky comments, getting in the heads of opponents, and making goals like a sniper. The speed is faster than last year, so we are pleased with the competition. The schedule is one of the toughest of any other ranked team (playing almost entirely against Top 25 teams). Our Russell Stover '98 team is starting with a rank of #17 in their age group. This weekend, they beat the #23 team three times (Team Wisconsin). Over in St. Louis, they lost to the #6 and #15 teams, but also beat the #11 team. Winger has to play center on the second line (which doesn't score as often) but also is the defender on power plays. Polar Bear is second leader scorer and loves being on the first line. I wish they were together...

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