Sunday, September 9, 2012

Typing Up the Plans

The twins have been formulating their idea for an Eagle Scout Service Project. On the same day. For the same church. (They must be twins.) They decided on a playground for our country parish, and their Troop will supply the volunteer labor if they supply the leadership. Polar Bear (older) is going first and his portion includes leveling the ground, building a perimeter with timbers, adding the liner and wood chips for the 24 x 40 foot area. Winger (younger) is going second and will be in charge of building the play equipment. They are typing up a budget, project description, safety precautions, and timeline. All those Scout forms... I am so glad that they know how to type! (Such a satisfying feeling when a homeschool mom can watch the fruits of her labor like that.)
They also made poster boards with photos to show the "Before" and "After" images to put at the Church.


Lesa said...

Yes! Accomplishments of home education all around! I am so encouraged by their efforts and service. Looking forward to seeing the final project!

Sarah said...

I think this is fantastic! The kids will love it!