Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tea Bags Styled Clipboards

Last summer I made this clipboard for Meggar, using the colored tea bag wrappers I had been collecting. I put the best ones on the front ...

and Hannah designed the back using red, yellow, and green AGD colors. The polkadots are so cute! And more people see the back of the clipboard than its top. We drink mostly English Breakfast tea (hence the plentitude of red bags).
On mine, I put tags between the wrappers instead of the pinwheel design (above). It all started with Etsy and Cynthia's origami craft at book club. Once she gave me the idea of repurposing them, I had to carefully open and save all the tea bag wrappers I encountered. Friends even donated some to my collection. Not only the fronts, but the backs are also interesting with little stories about the tea or the tea company.
(Note: several coats of Modge Podge keep it shiny, but I have found that papers stick to the front over the long term. I'm trying a coat of polyeurethane spray today.)

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Lesa said...

Cute idea to save the string tab! Love it! Just completed a tea wrapper craft of my own...hope to get pictures of mine up today. Great job!