Friday, September 21, 2012

Flirting with First Dates

Those twins! They made plans to meet up with some girls at the LeBlond Carnival. Do they think they are old enough to flirt? to date?! Hah-ha! We did allow them to go as a group (and I think a little brother tagged along) for a couple of hours of fun rides and food. Pretty harmless by any standards, but they were thrilled. Captain and I pretended to be strict--i.e. "Let me smell your breath for beer," and "Let me smell how much cologne you put on!"

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Lesa said...

Oh no...not this soon. My two are not 'in the field' yet and I'm in no hurry. However, Charles is having trouble with the co-ed youth group setting for Mary. We're going to survive it, I'm sure. Somehow. ;)