Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making Plans and Finishing Others

Everyone is busy after "school"....
   The boys finished up a 75-page workbook for the Boy Scout Catholic Religious Emblem! This has been our goal ever since Dorito finished up his Eagle Scout over a year ago.
    Happily, enough judges have been signed on for the Science Fair, and I've secured a Chemistry professor to come and give a demonstration. I still need to buy a few more prizes, but the certificates are printed and ready for calligraphy. Almost all set with three display boards and projects too.
    Prom plans are already rolling. I found a different ballroom which has cheaper rental fee. We will decorate the Benton Club (under the membership of Mr. Schultz) and likely have an island/beach theme. Voting on themes will be held next week when Homeschool Choir resumes.
   Eli's parents have asked us to host him for a few meals in order to learn social etiquette outside the home. I think our lunch-time routine with read-alouds might work nicely for this autistic friend/Boy Scout. Perhaps on Fridays?
  Yesterday we made a trip to Snow Creek before hockey practice to take advantage of the "real" snow.

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