Monday, January 7, 2013

What Does Mentoring Mean?

At the Eagle Scout ceremony, the new Eagle is allowed to give out one or two mentor pins. In our Troop, this golden pin nearly rivals the actual Eagle itself.
Back a year ago, Dorito did not give out ANY mentor pins, and that was alright. He had blazed his own trail to the top--largely by himself. When he had struggles, there were no adults taking his side. I know because I was there to watch and listen and advocate for change. Yet Dorito is so giving in return to Troop 216. He was a Troop Guide--the job no one likes--TWICE. And he was the first one that Polar Bear and Winger wanted to honor as their mentor. He talks to them, advises, listens, assists, reminds, coaches, and BEST of all, he sets a fine example of all 12 points of the Scout Law in his daily life.
Secondly, Polar Bear chose young Colton Zirkle as his other "mentor." Colton is already 21, and he could look down on Braves as being uncool and not worthy of his time. And yet, he stays around to help with costuming and remains active in many of the Troop's activities. I admire his convictions, especially as society encourages college boys "to sow their wild oats."
Lastly, Winger took the opportunity tonight at the regular Scout meeting to give his other mentor pin to Mr. Bob Brown. Bob is a family friend whom we see in many circles the past three years: homeschool, Hillyard, violin, and church. But it is the Scout side that the twins admire the most. Bob has been active in the Tribe of Mic-o-Say for more than 50 years! He loves to share his expertise, his collection, and his time with Scouts through PowWows, tapping fires, and camp-outs. He is also a counselor for more merit badges than anyone else in the Troop, which means he donates a lot of time one-on-one with Scouters. I'm so pleased that this honor went to a deserving gentleman.

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