Sunday, January 13, 2013

Heroics at Home

School resumed last week, and it was a bit too overwhelming for me to write any blogs. Meggar is back to Truman, Dorito is back to Hillyard half days and doing three courses for dual credit at Missouri Western. He is also receiving many scholarship offers in mail. Some larger than his sister received from the same school?! Very exciting and confusing about which college decision to make. The twins are preparing for many January deadlines: Poetry Out Loud contest, Science Fair, March for Life, and the Catholic Scouting emblem submission. And they are without a head coach for the rest of the season, so gathering information about other teams.
Happily, this weekend was not full of travel for hockey. They had "home" games in KC. Their violin teacher came:

and their hero strength and conditioning coach came:

and Scout friends came (Jamison, Ben, and Justin)
and Schmidlings (Terry and Kathy).

Lucas, Chris, Adam, Jacob, and Dorito had a fun time together before Adam goes back to college.
Megan and I watched last Sunday's season 3 premier of "Downton Abbey" at Constance's place. She had full tea service set out and were were enchanted all the way through. Captain and I are looking forward to tonight's episode two to take our minds off all the busyness.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Candise, I love your new photo--so cute, and your Pinterest board. I haven't done Pinterest yet but you are inspiring me. We are dealing with same college-decision time-- lots of prayers! She is leaning towards St Thomas in MN. Happy New year!