Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Club Delights in Gardening

Our book club selection was "Down the Garden Path" by Beverley Nichols, who wrote from England about gardening with a dignified yet amusing British sense of humor.  He even mentions "Cranford," which earns him bonus points with our group!

We enjoyed his character sketches, which had me laughing out loud, although he admits his book was written "about nothing" (makes me recall the Seinfeld TV show). The specialty of Nichols (1898-1985) was winter flowers,the kind that he could coax into blooming December through March.  Pity that we don't have the same climate here in the Midwest. We ladies shared stories of our own gardening failures and dreams.  If it was May, we probably would have shared cuttings.  Alison gifted each of us with a "Jane Austen tuberose candle" and it smells completely of June outside my patio window!  I am eager for the return of my tuberoses (a gift from Betty at my church). But meanwhile, the occasional sunny spots of April weather have drawn me outside o the flower beds more than other years, thanks to Nichol befriending me on the Garden Path.

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