Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk Like Shakespeare

Dorito is ready to start "Antony & Cleopatra" for Sophomore Literature.  I know he will want to read it aloud in parts/characters, like we did for "Julius Caesar" this month.  He was Caesar and Brutus, while I was Cassius and Antony.  (Does Candise sound like Cassius? I hope not!)   The Bard's birthday was April 26 (this week!) and I just had to post a bit.  I adolize him for a couple of extra reasons:  he had twins (named Judith and Hamnet, in case you are wondering) and there is a great likelihood that he was Catholic during the time when that was a dirty word in Britain.  Joseph Pearce wrote a book investigating the possibility of Shakespeare's Catholicity, and Pearce is speaking at the KC Homeschool Conference in June!  Can't wait!

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