Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Blessings and Enchantments

Having Meggar back in our family circle brought such joy to everyone!  Saturday, she helped Grandma and Ashlan with shopping. She also studied quite a bit for her upcoming Biology final.  Yesterday, she and the boys watched 8 episodes of "White Collar" from NetFlix while indulging in candy, junk food, and Dr. Pepper (which they had given it up for Lent).  They also sat in the hot tub telling secrets until well past their bedtimes.

Today, she was so happy to see her friends come for our tea-party luncheon.  We served the requisite chicken salad on china plates along with potato-leek soup, muffins, 3-bean salad, jell-o salad, strawberries with cream, and carrot cake.  I let myself indulge in three strong cups of tea (PG Tips) since it was a dreary day.  Our discussions ran from books to movies back to books and Jane Austen and gardening and college and LIFE.  Meggar even managed a stiff upper lip when telling how her date ditched her just 5 days before the AGD formal.  See what I mean?  It's all just a normal LIFE.  Good to have a talkative, lady-like, and intellectual daughter.
Then we girls settled in for the movie "Enchanted April."  Traditionally, we watch it every year on a rainy day in April and dream of the smells of wisteria in Italy.

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