Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day Lights Up His Eyes

I admit, my kids have a great father. He has gotten better and better with 20 years of parenting practice, and I think I have, too. I didn't blog yet about Father's Day and I'm not going to get mushy. But I don't want anyone to think we overlooked the head of the household. We squeezed in a Father's Day surprise last Saturday before bedtime prayers. Captain and I have long liked "The Roasterie" and it's air-roasted coffee since it first began in 1993. Maybe because we lived in Kansas City and saw the first billboards. Maybe the airplane on the logo had something to do with it? Or our purchase of a French press as newly-weds?
Last fall, we noticed a lighted sign with the Roasterie logo in the violin shop where we take lessons. We asked, but it didn't belong to the violin teacher, but to the shop owner. We put in an offer, and snuck our treasure home. The twins kept it hidden under their bed. Captain was VERY pleasantly surprised!

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