Monday, June 25, 2012

There's A Mess in My Hearth Room

Just what I expected. The twins are busily building their Mic-o-say costumes, and now we have feathers and beads and leather all over the floor of the hearth room. Several scissors have disappeared into the piles as plans are drawn, scrapped, redrawn, and attempted. Polar Bear has chosen the colors blue, chartreuse, black, and white. Winger is using blue, orange, black, and white for his color scheme. I love that there is only a slight difference between the two boys. And I secretly like helping them with these "craft projects" as long as the shopping doesn't become too frustrating. Luckily I remember a few tips from working with Dorito three years ago. Completed in first two days: knee bells, dance sticks, chokers, and rattles. Coming soon: apache leggings (from white rabbit pelts) and black leather breech cloths (painted to match their tribal name). Plus we are gathering supplies and expertise advice for the construction of back bustles. That will take the longest amount of time as I remember from before. Just another reason that Scouts is such a great experience for young men. It gives their brains and hands something to do all summer between weekly camp ceremonies!

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