Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hockey Camp Update

The twins are in Ames, Iowa, this week for a selection-based hockey camp. (I miss them!) They were placed on separate scrimmage teams and are living in the college dorms with separate roommates. (Hmm!) Here's a photo of their Wednesday evening in the dorms because of tornado warnings.
Winger is having a good time with Clayton K from the St. Louis Jr. Blues. They were the final two in the shootout competition on the first day! Polar Bear is scoring on every goalie he plays against--guess all the shooting practice in the garage comes in handy! Two games a day plus drills and dry land and a college hockey player as a team counselor. Captain stayed one overnight to watch all the action. Lucky for the boys as Polar Bear knocked over his fan in the night and broke it. Captain bought him another fan plus each twin another case of water bottles, since they went through so many in the first day.

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