Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time to Fight for Freedom

Today is the Feast of St. Thomas More, whom I chose as the patron saint of my homeschool after I lived in his house-converted-to-dormitory in London during college. His fortitude in the face of King Henry XIII's scandal earned him the respect of his countrymen and Catholics throughout the ages. So it appropriate that he is chosen as the starting point for a US Catholic Church campaign called "Fortnight for Freedom."
The bishops are uniting us to make a direct response to our government's infringement on religious rights--particularly the recent HHS mandate by Kathleen Sebelius and Pres. Obama. It is no surprise to me that we are at this crossroads, having watched pro-life politics for all my life. But now is the time to speak up and educate others. Anyone can see this will erode everyone's rights by taking away our voice. Our weapons must be prayer, education, and action (which includes letter writing, rallies, and special mass times). I liked this woman's comments for their eloquence and authenticity.

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