Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watching, Waiting, Praying...

Captain's father is undergoing open-heart surgery today, at age 81, for the second time. We are all worried for the outcome and praying constantly. I was so proud of my husband for remaining a steady soul at the bedside with so many females: sisters, nieces, friends. He invited them to the Chapel to pray the rosary with him this morning (bringing seven rosaries from our Holy Table). And he made sure Gr. Don had received Last Rites the day ahead of surgery. This is a true reflection of Captain's strength--that he leans on the Lord in times of trouble. St. Leo and St. Francis, pray for us.
While we are waiting, Dorito has texted me great news. He has been voted from among the Firebuilder to be the one who carries the torch and lights the fire at the beginning of tonight's ceremonies. Very significant, especially if Polar Bear and Winger are tapped. I will take my camera and try the night-time settings!

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