Friday, June 15, 2012

The Tapping Fire & Ceremony

 The tapping fire was boarded up on all sides for tonight's special ceremonies.

Dorito was chosen to be the firebuilder who climbed the ladder to light it!  I've lightened this photo from 9 pm.

Later all the possible foxmen stood at attention around the fire. Polar Bear blazing fire. Polar Bear is second from the end and gets tapped VERY FIRST! Exciting!

 Winger is waiting and waiting. He wasn't tapped until the 5th round, and we wondered what he was thinking the whole time.

Dorito is "selecting" Winger for the next tapping. They will undergo many "tests" in the next four and twenty hours to see if they are worthy to become Braves. The worst will be the fact they must remain completely silent. No writing or texting either!

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