Monday, March 25, 2013

A 2-Month Odyssey

Dorito has been writing a program for the Mitsubishi robot with articulated arm these past two months at Hillyard Technical School. He is so PROUD of himself for a successful finish. And he got several compliments from Mr. Sharp! (even better) He remembers starting on January 25, and been working on it most days at his morning class, which lasts three hours.
The end result was 730 lines of code, including entering the the coordinates of each "arm" and "wrist" positions.

The robot's job was to build a spark plug using three components: square block base, screw, and lug nut. First, the robot moves the square to the tool pallet. Then it picks up a screw and screws it into the lug. Next, it picks up that lug set and centers it into the square block. Last, the spark plugs are placed on the yellow conveyor belt.
Once the laser sensors read six spark plugs, they convey them to the other end, where another laser sensor stops the belt. Each one is picked up and placed into an unloading pallet.

We are SO-OOOO impressed and hope to have a video uploaded soon.

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