Monday, March 18, 2013

Looking for Good News

The twins and their R.S. team are hanging up their skates for this season. Unfortunately, they lost all three games this weekend in Wisconsin, and all three games the outing before that to Des Moines. Certainly, it was a big deal to make it to the Central District Tournament, but they felt disappointed because they like to win when playing that hard. (Some were 1-point losses...) We prayed tonight a prayer of thanksgiving, glad they didn't miss any games due to injuries (since two teammates had broken bones this season). Our final record was 21-26-4 with a ranking of #22 in the country. We are incredibly proud of the strength, scoring, and speed of the Schmids! My stats show Polar Bear in the lead with 35 goals and 34 assists, and Winger was in 4th place for scoring with 13 goals and 19 assists total.
Note: My analysis--That means Polar Bear scored 20% of all the team's goals. And together the twins accounted for 30% of their team's goals: 1 in 3 is pretty often. Of course, Polar Bear's starting line scored 58% of the goals. But those top three boys must play against the best defense/starters of the other team when they are trying to score. Unlike other sports, the hockey starting line is only rotated on the ice 1/3 of the time, and the other team has the puck half of those minutes! So their scoring 58% of the goals happened in only 6% (12 minutes) of each game! And more importantly, my twins made the set-up passes which gave their teammates the opportunity to score 54 times (or 34% of the goals). If the Schmids scored 30% of goals and assisted on 34% of the goals, they were obviously GREAT contributors to the team's offense. They are not perfect players and rarely get compliments from coaches, players, or spectators. They trash talk and lots of times Polar Bear is told he should skate harder than he does. But I like what the numbers say. And Harvey says, "You don't see the twins make mistakes." Nice job, boys!

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