Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Boys

The twins shared a birthday with each other last Sunday... and also with Confirmation and with the Year of Faith pilgrimage to your baptistry. So there was not time to squeeze in candles. But the gifts started arriving on Monday: Meggar and Spencer gave them Blues shirts--Tarasenko for Winger, Oshe for Polar Bear, and Halak for Dorito. (Unfortunately we couldn't use the tickets for Thursday's game in St. Louis because of District hockey games in Wisconsin). But the good news about the long drive to Wisconsin is the opportunity to add hours to their permit drivers' log. There was also driving to violin and dental appointments and hockey practice--as if there was any question that a Schmidling wouldn't get enough driving practice in the first 6 months.
Other gifts: Dorito ordered totems for their Mic-o-Say claws. Very cool since they didn't believe we could find a winged foot (Swift Spirit) and wheat shock (Prairie Spirit).
Captain bought them new tennis shoes (Asics for Winger and Nike for Polar Bear). So they look individually cool now!

How can it be that my youngest is 15?!

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