Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Feast of St. Joseph of the House of David

St. Joseph is an important feast day for our family. Both because we live in St. Joseph and because it is the middle name and confirmation patron of our youngest son. In years past, we have created our own "Saint Joseph's Table" with braided fancy breads (always a fun homeschool afternoon project). This year, we prayed the Litany (another annual tradition).
We also spent time studying the papal coat of arms of our new Pope Francis. He put St. Joseph on the blue shield using the symbol of a spikenard flower. Wikipedia tells us many interesting tidbits of the motto and symbols that were chosen. The three charges represent Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. We are more familiar with the lily to represent St. Joseph in statues of the saint. Hispanic tradition, however, shows St. Joseph holding a branch of spikenard. This flower was used by Jewish people to make aromatic oil/perfume, and so its connection points to historical Judaism overall. St. Joseph was the "last"  important Jew in the Old Testament. He helped fulfill all the prophesies by adopting Jesus into the house and lineage of David.

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