Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Slower Saturday

my husband is home
my boys are home
there is not a 3-hour drive for hockey practice
nor an 8-hour drive
my head is not spinning with schedules
the campout has been canceled
we all went to stations of the cross
i ate dinner two nights in a row with my husband
sitting down with wine
we talked
about hockey (some) and about the new Pope
and about DD, DS, TSs (twin sons)
the budget was analyzed
the future was pondered
we sifted through fragments of conversations that were interrupted by cell phones during the week

It is so healthy/helpful to dig a little deeper into the week that just passed. Another one that just seemed to fly by/drag on and on/both at the same time. I love the chance to meditate on the past week. Digging and sifting is where I start to harvest the grace meant for my vocations of motherhood and marriage. I sometimes only manage to get in one deep breath. Sometimes I find only one moment of "LIGHT" where I know the hand of God was working and knitting and healing and creating something special.

my efforts may seem small and ordinary
until I sift out my ambitions
and say, "I Trust in Thee"

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