Friday, June 21, 2013

Advancement Night for Mic-o-Say

Dorito advanced from Tom Tom Beater to Runner!! He didn't know if this would be this week or not, but it happened very late on Thursday night. The twins gave me as much of the secret information as possible. They come home after midnight from Micosay Ceremonies and sleep til late morning. (Hence my belated photos.) Mostly they are happy for Dorito to be able to stop chanting. He was already quite horse from teaching swimming lessons all day and drum chanting several evenings at Camp. Here is their proud regalia photo before ceremonies:
Dorito wears four feathers in his headband since it is his 4th year in the tribe. Obviously it is the second year for Polar Bear (left) and Winger (right). 
Last week, the twins worked really hard to finish their back bustles so they could also advance. Tyler Ruiz and Mr. Tim Zirkle helped with the construction know-how. 
Here is Prairie Spirit's back plate with a carved out and painted wheat stalks in the center.
Swift Spirit has an orange and blue pattern and a winged foot on the back plate. Very cool.

Everything at Camp Geiger is about "belonging"--and my guys are drawn to the "Geiger Reservation" for Wednesday night dancing, Thursday night tapping, and Friday night advancement ceremonies EVERY WEEK for six weeks. I had to smile when I saw the new sign at the front gate.

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